Intelligent Marine Technology

Control Systems for Uncrewed Surface and Subsea Vehicles

About Dynautics

Dynautics provides intelligent control systems for uncrewed surface and subsea vehicles.

We design, manufacture and supply robust and reliable autopilot, remote control, navigation, communication and power management systems, using logic, precision and scientific integrity to solve the most complex challenges.

Dynautics is a trusted technology partner for uncrewed marine missions in offshore energy and mining, oceanography, marine transport and the defence and security sector. Thousands of miles have been successfully navigated using our reliable and robust vessel control technologies.

As co-authors of the Marine Autonomous Surface Ships – UK Code of Practice, we are actively helping to define the route towards marine vehicle autonomy.


Nurturing future maritime autonomy talent


An article by Dr Henry Robinson, CEO of Dynautics. For some years now, Dynautics has supported the development of future marine technologist talent by sponsoring and working hands-on with the Society of Maritime Industries’ (SMI) MAChallenge

Controlling the future of maritime operations


As maritime stakeholders increasingly look to uncrewed vessel technology to complete a wider range of offshore survey, surveillance and inspection tasks, the systems that are used to control these flexible platforms are developing apace. Unmanned

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