Dynautics provides autopilots and comprehensive vehicle management systems for a wide range of surface and sub-surface vehicles.  As a pioneering provider of intelligent technology for uncrewed marine missions worldwide, we are driving the development of adaptive autopilot technologies, and the efficient use of dynamic simulation to reduce time to launch. Our vehicle management systems, combined with your sensor technologies, ensure efficient and reliable operation and high-quality data collection.

We start with your mission objectives, using our experience, knowledge and scientific integrity to deliver commercial results.  Your complex and demanding requirements fuel our design, development, and integration processes. We thrive on solving technical challenges working together to develop solutions that are focused on speed, efficiency, and maximum reliability.

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Autopilots for smaller boats

Autopilots for underwater vehicles

Autopilots for larger boats

Custom Boats

Dynautics is a trusted autopilot technology partner to a wide range of vehicle designers. Our team engages in early design discussions to provide input into the optimal hull and propulsion design. Our simulation system, Ship Sim, additionally accelerates development by reducing design iterations. The simulation process enables optimisation of the hull design, propulsion type and configuration.

If the vehicle design is already defined, the simulation process can be used to assess performance and pre-tune the autopilot prior to costly ‘wet’ trials.

Dynautics’ established technology means that payload integration, including power management, data logging and communication can be undertaken reliably and rapidly, reducing the time to launch.

Patrol Boats

Patrol boats are often deployed in extreme environments for reconnaissance and surveillance where precision, endurance and reliability are paramount. We have Naval and border force customers around the world that we have worked closely with to develop robust unmanned patrol boats.

We have experience of interfacing to numerous propulsion systems, including ‘Gas’ inboard/outboards and twin water jets for high-speed operations. Our SPECTRE autopilot and interfacing electronics can be configured to provide precise and reliable control, reducing commissioning duration and time to launch

Subsurface Vehicles – ROV/AUV/UUV

Our expertise in the control and communication of sub-surface vehicles, such as AUV/UUVs and ROVs, allows us to expand the capabilities of your underwater mission. Through a detailed simulation process, using Dynautics’ AUV Sim, we can advance the development cycle and catalyse vehicle efficiency. Accurate positioning can be achieved through ultrasound communication and/or dead reckoning.

Our experience in dynamic positioning (DP) solutions allows us to provide you with pin-point station keeping, so that you can focus on your mission.

RHIBS and Small Crafts

High speed, manoeuvrable RHIBS or small outboard engine crafts are ideal platforms for some missions. Working with our partners, we can retrofit a vehicle control system on an existing boat, thereby expanding its capabilities to make it completely unmanned or partially assisted, allowing the crew to focus on their task.

Vehicle navigation and propulsion control utilising SPECTRE autopilot technology, increase the boats endurance and reduce user fatigue. In an unmanned configuration, the RHIB can be controlled via a UHF-connected wireless joystick, an intermediate frequency UHF modem at ranges up to 20 nautical miles (line of sight), and/or Iridium satellite for over-the-horizon communications and control.

Payload requirements can be rapidly integrated to our established electronics to reduce the time to launch. Dynautics’ pioneering collision avoidance module, which interfaces to the sensor of your choice, enables maximum flexibility, safety and reliability.

Electrically Powered Vehicles

If your mission requires the use of a long endurance and low power vehicle, we can support with a range of low power consuming electronic control modules.

The comprehensive development processes behind our technologies ensure that energy-hungry operating systems, which typically carry a power budget overhead, are not needed for these vehicles. Our embedded code is native, targeted and efficient, enabling you to efficiently monitor and control the vehicle from a desktop interface, via RUDICS Iridium communications to the onboard power management module.

This means you can manage a small power budget, generated from solar panels, and remotely monitor and switch off redundant sensors.

These efficient, reliable and proven technologies ensure that time to launch is minimised.

E-Boat SPECTRE module

Small Boat Autopilot

RHIB ROV being controlled by Surface SPECTRE Autopilot

Larger Boat Autopilot

Sub-surface AUV with Underwater SPECTRE Marine Autopilot installed being lowered into water

Underwater Autopilot

MicroSPECTRE Marine Autopilot


SPECTRE 2 Marine Autopilot


Spectre Remote Joystick

SPECTRE Remote Joystick