Intelligent Marine Technology

Why us?

Dynautics’ vision is to open up the marine world through intelligent technology. As co-authors of the Marine Autonomous Surface Ships – UK Code of Practice, we are actively helping to define the route towards marine vehicle autonomy.

Our mission is enabling the success of your mission. Thousands of miles have been successfully navigated using our vehicle management technologies. We thrive on enabling your mission’s success and delivering strong commercial results.

Intelligent, reliable marine technology keeps you in control. Your requirements are our starting point and together we rigorously drive for a rapid and reliable solutions.

Dynautics hardware can be installed or retrofitted in any unmanned or autonomous vessel. We simulate, design, test, verify and deploy, enabling you to accomplish your mission safely and responsibly.

Helping you deliver

Peace of mind

Keeping you in control of your mission.

We are a trusted technology partner to customers from a wide range of maritime sectors, including offshore energy and mining, oceanography, marine transport and defence and security. At the heart of our proven approach is trust in the power of logic, precision and scientific integrity to deliver commercial results.

From the outset we strive to understand your payload and data requirements. This enables us to offer the best technology to suit your needs and keep you in control of your vessel. We offer standard or customisable electronic modules, based on proven technologies, which reduce time to launch and ensure maximum reliability.

Choice & adaptability

Simulation > Design > Test > Verification.

At the start of the vehicle design process, our Ship Sim or AUV Sim products can help determine the most effective hull design and propulsion types, positions and characteristics. These simulators are the result of years of rigorous scientific development and are proven tools in reducing the time to mission acceptance.

We develop a test environment based on your mission parameters, allowing us to design simulation tools that save time and cost leading up to on-water or sea trials.  After Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing, sea trials are the verification and final validation of what has already been successfully tested in the lab.

Integration & ownership

Installations, modifications and retrofitting.

Dynautics hardware can be installed or retrofitted in any uncrewed or autonomous vessel. Custom electronics and system engineering are undertaken by our experienced PCB designers and electronic engineers. Rapid prototyping and inhouse firmware coding on development systems allow us to accelerate time to test and validation. We also make use of proprietary firmware libraries to minimise development time.

We commission the vehicle, leveraging our on-water experience to verify performance against an established test plan. Ongoing, we remotely monitor characteristics and modify variables, such as power consumption, to fine tune and meet your requirements.

Speed & efficiency

Rapid deployment for faster results.

Time to launch and time to mission acceptance trials are always crucial mission parameters.  With this in mind, we work with you to ensure you achieve your mission goals. Every mission, and therefore every vehicle, is potentially different, so we are focused on understanding your overall objectives and ensuring that our systems deliver.

Our capabilities are built on 20 years’ experience of scientific and engineering rigour in vehicle control algorithm development and associated electronics. Our technical leadership is supported through simulation tools and technical authorship of marine autopilot heading and track control standards (IEC62065).

Meet the Team

Dr Henry Robinson
Dr Henry RobinsonCEO
Henry is the founder and CEO of Dynautics. Henry has a degree in Physics and a PhD in Electronic Engineering, and has been working in marine electronics and autopilots for the last 25 years.
Kieran Breheny
Kieran Breheny Strategic Development Manager
Kieran is the Strategic Development Manager and Non-Executive Director of Dynautics. Kieran has over 20 years’ experience in marine electronics. He has a degree in Engineering Product Design and focuses on building product and technology partnerships.
Dr Alison Little
Dr Alison LittlePrincipal Project Engineer
Alison studied Engineering at Southampton University, obtaining a PhD in CFD modelling in 1995. She has worked for the company since 1999 and is involved in algorithm development and system testing.
Alastair Growcott
Alastair GrowcottHead of Software Development
With over 20 years experience as a professional software engineer he brings quality and maturity to the software produced by the company
Allan Crosskey
Allan Crosskey Engineer
With over 40 years with the U.K. MoD and QinetiQ, Allan joined Dynautics in April 2008 and provides the company with hardware design, manufacture and testing expertise.
 Systems Engineers
Systems Engineers Systems Engineer
We are looking for a Electronics degree qualified engineer with at least 3 years experience in developing commercially successful electronics products. This is a broad role and ideally you will have both embedded firmware/software (C/C++) and hardware design skills. Team working and a passion to deliver is critical for work within the dynamic team at Dynautics
Mike Newton
Mike NewtonElectronics Technician
Mike has 4 years’ experience as an electronics assembly technician. His focussed enthusiasm provides precision and pace to the company’s projects.
Sandy Hickman
Sandy HickmanOffice Manager
Sandy has over 30 years’ experience in accounting across a range of service businesses. Sandy has been with the company over 2 years focusing on the administration, book keeping and the running of the office.


Our technology helps our clients voyage into the unknown with confidence. We pioneer innovative solution to vehicle control, management and communication to enable your mission to be successful. Whether it’s a new design or conversion to an unmanned vehicle we work with you to reduce your time to launch.

Integrated Technologies and Technology Partners

We have over 20 years of experience in developing systems for unmanned boats. We have a list of trusted partners and suppliers who we have worked with over the years and completed successful vehicle launches. They are trusted partners for us and we offer them to you as technology partners in the design of your vehicle.

Careers at Dynautics

Dynautics offers a dynamic team orientated work place. We have demanding clients who expect a high level of integrity, innovation and delivery.  If you have the technical skills and drive in either hardware, firmware or software engineering disciplines we would like to hear from you.

We have a number of Engineering roles which change from time to time.

If you believe you have the right skills to match our market sector and technology, lets chat. Use the ‘contact us’ link.

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