In 2023, advanced maritime technology specialists, Subsea Craft, approached Dynautics to collaborate on the vessel control system for VICTA, the company’s next-generation maritime payload delivery platform and “the world’s most advanced surface-submersible assault craft” (Subsea Craft).

Dynautics has since developed a customised control system for Subsea Craft based on its commercially proven SPECTRE autopilot technology, enhancing it with the SSC team to provide a system that is adapted to the complex requirements of hybrid surface and subsurface operations. The teams continue to work closely together on a long-term contract for the advanced control system of this multi-domain vessel, which is capable of both surface and sub-surface maritime manoeuvres.

“Controlling a prototype vessel such as Subsea Craft’s VICTA is the kind of challenge that the Dynautics team thrives on. It requires a deep understanding of vessel systems, subsystems and vessel dynamics, the development of complex control algorithms and a strong collaborative effort.” Carl Reynaud, Dynautics project manager

Aerial shot of Subsea Craft's VICTA at sea - credit SSC

Subsea Craft’s VICTA vessel at sea – credit SSC