Uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) – also known as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) – offer a low impact, non-invasive and cost-effective solution to help the maritime sector achieve its net zero emission goals.

Uncrewed Surface Vessels

Designing and building uncrewed surface vessels (USVs) is complex and challenging. Hundreds of decisions relating to mission goals, payload requirements, power budget, hull design, communication systems and propulsion control and management need to be made, analysed and implemented.

Dynautics provides Vessel Control System (VCS) and autopilot technology that seamlessly integrates into third party drive and motor control systems. We work closely with USV manufacturers to ensure that onboard control systems and their complex integration protocols are robust, efficient and above all provide optimal functionality and redundancy.

Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Dynautics has extensive experience in UUVs, including our inhouse-designed ‘Phantom’, and in developing control systems that give these sub-surface vehicles expanded capability ranges. Through the simulation process (using Dynautics’ AUV Sim) we advance the development process and increase the vehicle’s efficiency.

Positioning can be achieved through ultrasound communication and/or dead reckoning. Our Dynamic Positioning (DP) solutions also enable pin-point station keeping.

Phantom AUV
Phantom AUV