Developers of Autonomous or Uncrewed Underwater Vehicles (AUVs or UUVs) and Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) benefit greatly from effective simulation tools that support the complex design process. Dynautics offers hands-on consultancy and marine simulators that reduce the development cycle and time to launch.

Marine simulators are powerful tools, enabling developmental and pre-commissioning sea trials to take place in the safety of the lab before committing to the rigours and cost of a real sea trial. We use our marine simulators to create the most efficient hull and propulsion configuration, based on our clients’ operational requirements. The development cycle can also be reduced for existing designs, saving time and money. Our experience in this field has frequently led to reduction in the need for extensive sea trials during the early stages of development.

Dynautics is a leader in the field of vehicle simulation in support of the development, testing and accreditation of ship control systems with the world’s only off-the-shelf marine simulator supporting the ISO11674, ISO16329 and IEC62065 standards for heading and track control systems.

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