Cybersecurity for Marine Autonomous Systems

This presentation on cybersecurity for Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) was created by Dr Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO, for the 2021 edition of the Autonomous Ship Expo Virtual 'Live' event. Autonomous Ship Expo Virtual ‘Live’ is an international virtual conference exclusively focused on showcasing the latest and next-generation solutions and technologies to enable varying degrees of automation – from anti-collision assistance


Propulsion control for USVs

This article was written by Dynautics founder and CEO, Dr Henry Robinson, and subsequently published in The Digital Ship, Maritime Journal and the September/October 2021 edition of RINA's Ship & Boat International. Henry has a degree in Physics and a PhD in Electronic Engineering and has been working in marine electronics and autopilots for the last 25 years. The design


Joint USV training initiative kicks off

Dynautics recently ran a tailored training day for its long-standing client, HydroSurv, designed to rapidly familiarise HydroSurv’s customer and end user, Survey Genix, on the control systems of their recently acquired REAV-16 USV. Exeter-based HydroSurv offers end-to-end hydrographic, geophysical and environmental data acquisition, processing and interpretive reporting services. Their highly portable REAV-16 USV was developed for autonomous survey operations on


The first Dynautics newsletter

We recently distributed our first newsletter, a round up of technology developments and projects in the unmanned marine systems sector. Topics covered in the newsletter ranged from an amphibious vehicle auto-pilot project for the British Army, to the Society of Maritime Industries' MAChallenge competition and our work with SEA-KIT International on over-the-horizon control for their ground-breaking Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs).


Pushing over-the-horizon capability boundaries with SEA-KIT

SEA-KIT International is a leading designer and builder of Uncrewed Surface Vessels with a range of applications across the offshore, survey, research, defence and security sectors. In August 2020, SEA-KIT's USV ‘Maxlimer’ took part in a collaborative Atlantic survey project, co-funded by the UK Space Agency. The project was designed to demonstrate true, over-the-horizon survey capability, testing cutting-edge, innovative technologies


Modelling, testing & sea trials – all without leaving the lab

Read our recent article on marine simulation on page 25 of ROV Planet's Q2/2021 magazine. Developers of Autonomous or Uncrewed Underwater Vehicles (AUVs or UUVs) and Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) benefit greatly from effective simulation tools that support the complex design process of these technologies. When design iterations can be modelled, tested and modified without the safety risk and expense

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