Dynautics has developed SSSCP (SPECTRE Secure Serial Communications Protocol) for use with UHF modems, at ranges of up to 20nm.

The UHF modems we use are industry standard units manufactured by established suppliers such as RF Datatech, SATEL and GE.  Typical frequencies are in the region of 400-500 MHz, which includes licence free bands in the UK and certain other countries. The key advantages of these frequencies are:

  • Reliability
  • Fewer problems with link drop-out
  • Good range (far greater than can be achieved at higher frequencies)

So long as there is a line of sight and the remote station is within the horizon distance, it is usually possible to maintain reliable communications.

Satel 43 UHF Modems for Dynautics SPECTRE Secure Serial Communications Protocol (SSSCP)

The UHF modem baud rate used is typically 9600, and the SSSCP protocol has been written using binary encoding to compress data and maximise reliability.