Surface and sub surface vehicles have been successfully commissioned with Dynautics Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems. The core DP algorithms have been developed over several years to provide an efficient and reliable core building block to creating a DP0 or DP1 systems.

Based on the SPECTRE autopilot, the Offshore Dynamic Positioning (DP) System is designed to provide Work Class ROVs (WROVs) with dynamic positioning (position hold or hover) ability. The Offshore DP system includes various interfaces that enable it to communicate with vehicle sensors, vehicle actuators, and a Front End Workstation PC.

The DP system may be mounted on the WROV itself, or may be installed in a top-side control station, and is capable of controlling forwards, lateral and vertical motions, and to control heading, roll and pitch. Joystick inputs may be used to drive the vehicle forwards, sideways or vertically, or a combination of these motions; and to control heading.

Dynamic positioning for manned and unmanned vessels

Tests have demonstrated steady hands-off position hold to an accuracy of around 10-15mm in depth and XY position. This accuracy is readily achievable, subject to provision of accurate thrusters and position / velocity sensors.

Dynautics can offer a complete package which comprises DVL, FOG (fibre optic gyro), depth sensor together with the Dynamic Positioning system.

The system is suitable for retrofitting into the customer’s vehicle, installation typically taking 1 day (provided the wiring / interface is already present).

The system is designed to meld seamlessly with the existing operator’s console, as the operator’s existing joystick can be used to drive the DP unit.

Alternatively, a dedicated joystick can be used for the DP remote control. Button controls select control modes, while the joystick movements control the vehicle.

Compared to other Dynamic Positioning Systems available, this is a relatively low cost retrofit installation which provides a significant improvement in performance.