800 MHz and 2.4 GHz are widely used frequencies for many short range modem communications systems such as Wifi.

The Dynautics 2.4/0.8 GHz modems are configured to accept RS232 or RS422, and are powered from a 12V nominal supply.  These modems are typically used by the Dynautics Joystick, giving fast, accurate control with low latency as required when manoeuvring large, powerful USVs with delicacy and precision needed for docking.

These modems are also used for carrying the SSSCP commandand control datalink in short range applications (up to 400 metres, line of sight).

The technology is relatively inexpensive and compact, and is particularly suitable for riverene or reservoir class survey boats

Dynautics Joystick Receiver For Modem Communications

Integrated into our existing enclosures

Dynautics Spectre Remote Joystick For Modem Communications

Our joystick provides a much higher level of accuracy than traditional hobby style joysticks.