The MicroSPECTRE autopilot is the smaller format of our flagship SPECTRE 2 board. MicroSPECTRE has the same autopilot algorithms and capabilities as the SPECTRE 2, but less I/O and is a smaller size.

The MicroSPECTRE is based on an ARM 32 bit processor.

Board size: 46 x 71 mm (smaller than a credit card) excluding connectors.

Power input: 8 to 28V DC, 42mA (off load)

Connectors may be mounted vertically or right-angle to suit space requirements

  • 5 serial ports, all fully configurable drivers and baud rates up to 115,200
  • 8 digital IO channels, of which 4 are configurable as PWM
  • 4 analogue input channels, -10V to +10V, 12 bit
  • 2 analogue output channels, 0V to +5V, 12 bit

On board stabilised magnetic compass, giving roll, pitch, heading and rates

Suitable for surface and subsurface applications

MicroSPECTRE Autopilot board