Dynautics’ E-Boat autopilot specifically designed for electrically-propelled unmanned boats now has ‘Hover’ functionality as an upgrade to the standard E-Boat autopilot module.

The Hover function allows the unmanned survey operator to pause the data collection process to check equipment, validate data, avoid weeds or obstructions. The new and unique Dynautics Hover feature, available as an upgrade to the standard E-Boat Module allows the user to do exactly that.

Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO, stated, ‘It allows the user to take a breath, pause, and know their vessel is maintaining its position.  It will stem the current or wind as necessary to remain where it is, or close by until you decide to continue. This is a step-change in the control of unmanned electrically propelled vessels’


small electrically powered vehicle in hover mode

Electrically propelled boat in hover mode


The Dynautics E-Boat Module is part of the Spectre range of autopilots which offer the most precise vehicle control technology to manned and unmanned vessels. The algorithms have been developed over thousands of miles of navigation and across hundreds of vehicle types. It is precise, adaptive, and reliable.

E-Boat with standard Survey Package Module (SPM) now has Hover mode.

Undertaking an unmanned survey, either of a lake or open water is a challenging and expensive activity involving vehicle management, safety, data collection, and vehicle control.

The previously released Dynautics E-Boat Survey Package Module (SPM) allows the user to focus on the data collection with confidence that the vehicle is navigating the automatically generated survey grid.  The integration of the survey grid and vehicle control means the survey is quicker, less arduous for the user, less expensive to collect, and equally importantly the data collected is of a higher quality. The introduction of the Hover feature enhances the user experience and allows them to pause while undertaking a survey.