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Autopilot now has ‘Hover’ function

Dynautics’ E-Boat autopilot specifically designed for electrically-propelled unmanned boats now has ‘Hover’ functionality as an upgrade to the standard E-Boat autopilot module. The Hover function allows the unmanned survey operator to pause the data collection process to check equipment, validate data, avoid weeds or obstructions. The new and unique Dynautics Hover feature, available as an


Case Study – CEE HydroSystems – CEE Pilot – Robotic Navigation for Ultimate Survey Results

CEE HydroSystems Inc released this unique case study demonstrating a successful and efficient survey using their  CEE-USV™, incorporating the CEE-Pilot™. It is a great demonstration of CEE HydroSystems focus on making an elegant solution to aid Surveyors. Their customers demanded simplicity and ease of use and Adrian McDonald (CEE HydroSystems, USV Specialist) challenged both Eye4Software,


HydroSurv – Working with experts | Dynautics

Most people in our industry know that designing an Unmanned Survey vessel is challenging. Hundreds of decisions need to be made. Decisions relating to risk reduction, reliability, reducing the time to mission launch are critical and of course the costs need to be considered. In this video, David Hull from HydroSurv explains why they chose


How to Convert a Manned Boat for Unmanned Use?

Converting a manned boat for unmanned use is often an option for customers that want to explore 'autonomous' applications. Our Spectre MK4 system is a cost effective and quick way to convert your vessel. We have experience in helping customers make this transition. We have multiple interface hardware and firmware solutions that allow us to


An Introduction to E-Boat-Series, including E-Boat-T (Torqeedo) Autopilot and its integrations with Survey Software

We have continued the release of 'How to' videos. This is simple guide and introduction to the E-Boat-Series autopilots including fitting an E-Boat-T (Torqeedo Interface). This video shows how small electric boats can be designed, or converted, to use Dynautics E-Boat series of lower power consuming but powerful autopilot systems. When integrated with survey


How To Series – How to use the Autopilot Joystick Controller by Dynautics

See the video how to use the Autopilot Joystick Controller by Dynautics. Following on from our Virtual Exhibition we have created a series of 'How To' videos covering Autopilot fitting and the survey benefits, AUV and SHIP Simulator demonstrations, Modular Phantom AUV and many more. Today's release introduces the Dynautics Spectre Autopilot Joystick, robust, precise and

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