Piloting your mission with the E-Boat Module for small electrically powered boats

Piloting your mission with the E-Boat Module for small electrically powered boats


Dynautics have the technology, expertise and experience and now the product to provide a conversion module (E-Boat module) that allows you to convert vessels such as the HR Wallingford’s ARC boat, Teledyne’s Z boat or Seafloor Systems’ Hydrone from manned to unmanned operation.  We also supply a survey integration module to packages such as Hydromagic, Qinsy and Hypack, making your mission easier and more cost effective.

The underlying SPECTRE Autopilot has been incorporated into a convenient module which provides a cost effective, self contained remote control system suitable for a small electric boat: it’s called the E-Boat Module.  Small survey boats typically have twin electric thrusters and a steering servo, and the basic configuration uses a standard remote control handset to drive motors and steering via PWM signals.  The E-Boat module augments the capability by adding autopilot functionality.

SPECTRE – Survey package module (SPM)

The Dynautics Spectre range of autopilots offers the most precise vehicle control technology to the manned and unmanned market.  The algorithms have been developed over thousands of miles of navigation and across hundreds of vehicle types. It is precise, adaptive and reliable.

Undertaking a survey, either of a lake or open water, is a challenging and expensive activity involving vehicle management, safety, date collection and vehicle control.  Dynautics Spectre Survey Package Module (SPM) allows the user to focus on the data collection with confidence that the vehicle is navigating the automatically generated survey grid.

E Bpat and Hydro Magic integration

E Boat and Hydro Magic integration

Dynautics have developed a range of interface protocols that ensures undertaking surveys with either HydroMagic, Hypack or Qinsy packages are faster, easier and can lead to better data collection.  The integration means that the user spends more time focusing on the data collection, ensuring it’s of the highest quality, and less time manipulating other software or controlling the vessel.

Hydromagic Integration

Integration with HydroMagic is achieved using the “Spectre Autopilot” plugin in HydroMagic, the result of a close collaboration between Dynautics and Eye4Software.  The survey tracks can be easily created within the Hydromagic software and the vessel control is within the one software package.

Hypack and Qinsy Integration

Integration with Hypack and Qinsy is achieved by outputting NMEA0183 TNT messages from the survey package into a serial port which provides the control signals to control the autopilot.

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Product reference SPECTRE – Survey package module (SPM)