Dynautics announce the launch of Phantom AUV

Dynautics announce the launch of Phantom AUV



Dynautics Ltd, the leader in intelligent marine electronics for unmanned boats announced the launch of a modular and scalable AUV, called the Dynautics Phantom. The first iteration of the product, which has been successfully sea trialled and shipped to customers, can be seen at the Ocean Business Technology exhibition in Southampton, UK at the Dynautics stand (V10).

The release of the Dynautics Phantom represents a new concept in modular AUV design that can be adapted to carry a range of payloads and scalable to ensure it can be adapted to suit the end users’ mission. Dr Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO, commented, ‘We have developed a simple and efficient design on a fast turnaround basis, the sea trials have been successful, and we have shipped products to our first customer. We designed the Phantom AUV to be modular to ensure we can adapt the design to meet the needs of our potential customers. We understand that customers have specific mission needs and we want to help them achieve a successful outcome’  

The Phantom on display at the exhibition is the first iteration and was designed to a specific customer requirement. The customer specified the mission and Dynautics designed to meet that specification. The overall length required is 1.3m, Max Speed 4 knots, depth rating 30m.

Dr Robinson also commented ‘Our customer specified the requirements and we decided to ensure the design was modular as we knew that other customers may require a different specification. This approach allowed us to reuse elements of the design and existing technologies such as our Spectre control system. We welcome new customers to consider this solution as the basis for their AUV mission requirements’


Phantom can be seen at the Dynautics stand (Stand V10) on 9th,10th or 11th April 2019 at Ocean Business, Southampton, UK