Top 10 for 2018

Top 10 for 2018


It is the time of year when publishers, record companies and radio stations produce their top 10 or top 100 favourites of 2018.

This led us to review our own top 10 of 2018

  • Product release – E-Boat navigation module for Z and ARC boat type vessels.
  • Software release – In collaboration with Autonaut ‘Boom following control system’ Ocean clean-up project- California.
  • Dynautics Ltd launch – Oceanology International 2018, building on 20 years of experience in marine control systems
  • Product release – Torqeedo motor control module
  • Product release – Spectre integration with Survey software packages– Hydromagic, Hypack, and QINsy.
  • Product release – Mercury outboard motor control module.
  • Product release – Academic Research E-Boat module.
  • Dynautics presents at Autonomous ship symposium, Amsterdam.
  • Dynautics Technology – successful demonstration of underwater communication using Sonardyne Nano to control an untethered AUV.
  • Dynautics Systems– delivered several Hydrographic survey ready control and navigation systems for customer around the world.


A big thank you to all our customers and partners and we look forward to 2019