The Dynautics Ship Sim 3 is a surface vessel simulator that can be configured using the ISO16329, IEC 62065 or proprietary model, to model the behaviour of a large range of ships.  Mathematical models include a detailed model which calculates aero and hydrodynamic forces, and the force components generated by the propeller blades as they sweep round, wave forces, and the lift effects which are responsible for planning behaviour.

Sensors are individually modelled including error budgets, positional offsets, magnetic dip and variation, and the sensor outputs are transmitted through serial and Ethernet ports using the appropriate data formats for an extensive range of devices.

The simulated vehicles, whether surface or subsurface, can be controlled by means of serial or analogue signals, so that the vehicle and its environment can be fully tested with hardware in the loop

Ship Sim 3 features include:

  • Real time, high accuracy modelling of vessels, in configurable sea currents, wind speeds, and wave heights;
  • Fully configurable vehicles and propulsor configurations;
  • Customisable user interface;
  • A list of sensors which can be enabled, and error characteristics that are configurable to mimic what is expected on the real vehicle
  • Serial and Ethernet interfaces, fully configurable to transmit data using the appropriate sentence formats – many dozens of sentences supported
  • Built-in data logging to Matlab MAT format and to csv
  • Event logging
  • Built-in autopilots for heading, speed, track, attitude, depth and height over seabed
  • Plan view supporting charts, geotiffs, and the ability to view from horizontal directions
  • A fully configurable front end, allowing the user to add dials, digital readouts, LEDs, sliders and buttons to support a wide range of features
  • External control inputs, so that the simulator can accept commands from a third party autopilot or from SPECTRE in a variety of formats
  • Joystick, helm and throttle controls can be interfaced;
  • Multiple target vessels can be included in a simulation;
  • Support for AIS, RADAR, and NMEA 2000;
  • Optional external 3D view.
laptop-with-Ship Sim 3-RCW-with-chart_v2

There are a large number of sensor outputs, both standard and proprietary