The design of electrically propelled vessels depends on the missions that they will undertake. For example, extended endurance vessels, such as AutoNaut USVs, combine DC motor drive with wave propulsion. The HR Wallingford ARC boat is used for river and lake surveying and relies on battery power alone to drive the DC motors. HydroSurv’s REAV range of survey USVs utilise Torqeedo outboard motors to provide a robust drive solution. Each drive system requires subtly different control solutions.

Autonaut 5m electrically propelled USV USV E-Boat T Spectre control system Small electrically powered vehicle in hover mode

Autonaut USV                                 HydroSurv REAV series               HRW – ARC USV

Control solutions

Dynautics offers a broad range of control solutions based on the SPECTRE Autopilot, which has been incorporated into a convenient module (E-Boat) for cost effective, self-contained remote control of small, electrically propelled boats.

E-Boat can be used to drive DC motors via PWM control or to drive Torqeedo outboard motors with the addition of a unique interface module. We specialise in helping our customers to design the best possible overall system based on their mission objectives. Our experienced team creates detailed system diagrams that allow the vessel designer to consider the navigation, payload and communication aspects of the mission.

Dynautics supplies complete systems from the autopilot, power management and communication systems including AIS, GPS and over the horizon control and communications to a wide range of vessels.

To receive a design guide and help selecting the best solution to match your mission send us a request.