Working in conjunction with the WAM-V 16’ (Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel- 16-foot catamaran) from Marine Advanced Research Inc. (MAR) we demonstrated mission planning, collision avoidance and sonar deployment in a recent sea trial in the UK.


Over the course of five days, we demonstrated the control of the WAM-V in various sea states up to Wind Force 3.  The vessel was used as a technology demonstrator for collision avoidance, navigation for survey purposes, side scan sonar deployment, power management and remote communications.


Dr. Henry Robinson commented ‘This is a unique vessel and our  electronics system engineering provided us with another opportunity to demonstrate the adaptability of the SPECTRE control system, we were very satisfied with its performance, it maintained a very low cross track error suitable for autonomous surveying’.


Commenting on the development process, Dr. Robinson also stated ‘Every vessel has its own unique challenges. Our process of simulation, electronic system engineering, and sea trialling provides us with a unique advantage of speed to market.  In the case of WAM-V we are able to offer the control and navigation electronics, power management and UHF and Satellite communications’.


As a market leading technology provider to the autonomous marine market. we provide ShipSim (Vessel simulators), SPECTRE and Micro-SPECTRE autopilots, PMM (Power Management Module) and many other electronic modules for autonomous vessels.


The Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) is an innovative class of watercraft (both autonomous and manned) using unique suspension technology to radically improve seagoing capabilities. The articulating system uses springs, shocks and ball joints to minimize structural loading. The result is an ULTRA-LIGHT, MODULAR vessel that can perform in sea conditions where an ordinary boat of similar size could no longer operate.


The demonstration boat was fitted with the following electronics:

Dynautics – designed electronics

  • PMM – Power Management Module
  • SPECTRE 2 – Autopilot
  • Torqeedo twin-engine adapter
  • Data Logger
  • UHF modem interface
  • Iridium Sat communication interface
  • Differential actuator drive
  • Joystick and Joystick Modem

Simrad – 4G radar

Garmin – GPS

AIS – Raymarine

Torqeedo – Cruise 2000 – Electric outboard motors.