The Power Management Module (PMM) has been designed to allow the SPECTRE autopilot to switch power to modules on or off. The PMM can be controlled remotely using the RCW operator interface, or SPECTRE can be set to control a PMM automatically based on requirements, such as to turn on scientific sensors for a set amount of time each day or when a waypoint is reached.

Power Management Module for AUV UUV USV power management

The Power Management Module has the following features:

  • 6 output channels per PMM (up to 2.4A each)
  • 2 output channels per PGCO (up to 15A each)
  • Up to 8 PMMs and 8 PGCI / PGCOs on one RS422 bus
  • Programmable restarts on each channel after tripping
  • Configurable delay between each restart
  • 12V or 24V input voltage (nominal)
  • Two channels can automatically turn on at power up
  • Voltage and current monitoring over the RS422 bus
  • Intuitive front end software allows the user to configure each channel on the fly
  • Configurable trip currents
  • Power on at start-up can be set by DIP switches or by sofware
  • On/Off/Trip status can be monitored and controlled remotely
  • Average and peak current draws can be monitored