Dynautics Iridium Rudics for Command and Control

Dynautics has developed a protocol for command and control using the Iridium satellite network.

Iridium satellites may be used in Short Burst Data (SBD) mode, or Router-based Unstructured Digital Information Connectivity Solution (RUDICS).  For command and control applications, RUDICS is far more efficient as it enables the remote control operator to open a bidirectional serial communication link, for up to several minutes, during which the operator can interact fully with the remote node, sending queries and commands and getting responses within seconds.

Dynautics has built an efficient command and control protocol on RUDICS, allowing the operator to upload waypoints, setpoints, and power management commands; and monitor position, speed, environmental conditions and the status of various onboard systems.

A general purpose transparent communcations channel can be set up, allowing an operator located anywhere in the world with internet access to interact with a device on the remote vehicle, or even on the seabed (via and acoustic datalink).

RUDICS based command and control is routinely used on long range, long endurance missions such as on the wave-powered Autonauts, which can be deployed many hundreds or thousands of miles away, for weeks on end.