The GENIE board connects to a serial port or USB port. The GENIE module can be connected to the Dynautics SPECTRE autopilot modules, or used with a PC and our DLL to return analogue and digital values to a customer’s application. GENIE modules can be daisy-chained on a shared bus to increase the volume of I/O if required.

Dynautics GENIE Module

GENIE module specifications:

  • 8 analogue inputs, -10V to +10V or -5V to +5V, 12 bit
  • 8 analogue outputs, -5V to +5V, 12 bit
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • Typical power usage is 50mA from 12V (no load)
  • Binary command protocol

Up to 15 cards may be daisy-chained on a single GENIE bus.