The Datalogger can record data from multiple sources, for example received NMEA 0183 data from sensors, analogue and digital signals. The data can be displayed and logged as a raw data stream or in CSV format which can easily be displayed in graphical form.

Datalogger features:

  • 4 serial data ports, RS232, up to 115,200 baud
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 4 analogue inputs (-5V to +5V, 12 bit)
  • 1 command port (TTL or USB)
  • Capacity: micro SD card up to 32GB using FAT32
  • MicroSD card can be removed and inserted into a card reader, or data may be extracted via the command port
  • Front end software for configuring baud rates, data types, sentence syntax
  • Logging formats: raw byte streams, csv files from values extracted from input sentences
  • csv data is synchronised to a specified input sentence or on a regular time interval
  • Power consumption: 22mA from 12V nominal
  • pcb dimensions: 96mm x 90mm
Dynautics Datalogger Board