Dynautics have pioneered the development of self tuning, sea state adaptive autopilot algorithms over the past 20 years.  Our algorithms have been supplied to Raymarine in a successful technology transfer process, and they are now found on hundreds of thousands of vessels worldwide.

Self tuning allows the autopilot to be commissioned repeatedly and reliably in a very short time – gains, limits and offset parameters are calculated from automated sequences of manoeuvres which can take as little as a few seconds to complete, and up to several minutes on very large vessels that are slower to react.

Adaptive algorithms can rapidly detect changes in boat configuration, making adjustments to keep the autopilot optimally tuned.  Sea state adaptive algorithms monitor boat performance in its environment, and can adjust control parameters to minimise rudder activity, optimising performance and saving fuel.

The same fundamental principles of self tuning and adaptive control have been applied to attitude (roll and pitch) control, and to depth and height control: depth below the surface and height above the seabed, for AUVs and ROVs.

Self tuning and adaptability makes the SPECTRE autopilots very versatile.  SPECTRE has been commissioned on a wide range of surface and subsurface vehicles, from less than 1m length to over 15m, and at speeds from zero up to over 50 kts.

Adaptive Autopilot Algorithms Dynautics