The General Purpose Telemetry (GPT) module is designed to gather data from serial, digital and analogue channels.

Data may be send back to a control station via satellite communications or over UHF, depending on distance and bandwidth requirements.

The Telemetry (GPT) module carries both input and output channels, and is able to control power to sensors via a Power Management System.

A typical installation might include a Power Management Module (PMM), and programmed to power itself up for a short period every few hours, minimising energy usage.  A remote operator can send a “wake up” command which can then cause the unit to stay powered up, ready for a command link session during which the remote operator can configure sensors and retrieve data gathered over the previous few days; then put the system back to sleep to conserve energy.

Coupled with a Datalogger, this unit can be used to obtain occasional updates as to quality of information, and alerts when a value (e.g. hydrocarbon concentration) exceeds a preset threshold.

Dynautics Telemetry GPT Module