The SPECTRE Remote Joystick is designed to fit into a typical RHIB or small patrol boat.

Seven MIL-C connectors are used for serial, analogue and digital I/O signals including the command datalink; control signals for an Electronic Throttle Unit (MHK NEC KE5+), ignition control, front panel and steering control signals.

This joystick interfaces to all Spectre autopilots, from the entry-level E-Boat Series and to the more advanced range, such as SPECTRE and SPECTRE2 as used in the MK4 Systems. It gives a very fine degree of control as it talks directly to the autopilot.

A large patrol boat can be brought into the dock with perfect precision. The same joystick is just as useful for small survey crafts, including very agile craft, which respond very quickly.

An important feature of any kind of joystick device is that it must not go out of control if you fumbled and dropped it. By engaging the magnetic ‘dead man’s handle’, you can now drive the boat and if at any stage it drops the magnetic puck is pulled off automatically so the boat immediately stops.

The effective range of this joystick is typically 400m.

SPECTRE Remote Joystick