Interfacing to third party devices, such as engines, on uncrewed vessels can be challenging. Complex technical issues need to be overcome for safe and reliable remote operation. Dr Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO, recently penned a detailed article on this topic which you can read here.
Mercury outboard engine

The team at Dynautics is experienced in providing control software that seamlessly integrates into third party drive and motor control systems. Recently, we were able to go the extra mile in helping a customer to control Mercury Marine engines.

Our Singapore-based client wanted to control three Mercury outboard engines on a custom Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV). Not only did we supply the engines, with the help of our export partner Barrus Ltd, but we also established Dynautics as a Mercury dealer in the process. This means that we now have access to their G3 engine set up software, a critical factor in calibrating and optimising engine performance.

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