Dynautics is a pioneering provider of intelligent technology for unmanned marine missions worldwide. We have had a strong distribution partnership with the Beijing Oceaneco Technology Company (BOT) for over 10 years now, providing our AUV Sim simulation solutions for their customers in the uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV) research and development sector.

Here we examine some of the factors that have contributed to this successful, long-term partnership.

Complex design challenges

Researchers and developers in the academic and commercial markets require effective simulation tools that aid the complex task of designing an uncrewed underwater vehicle (UUV). The Dynautics AUV Sim is a proven simulation software suite that enables designers to overcome power budget management challenges, maximise endurance, provide accurate guidance and make the right propulsion design decisions as well as ensure efficient payload transportation for their UUV designs.

When design iterations can be modelled, tested and modified without the safety risk and expense of scale or full-size models and test tanks, the development cycle is shortened and the road to achieving a commercially viable and successful solution becomes safer, faster and more cost-effective. In 2019 this was clearly demonstrated on a Phantom AUV project where AUV Sim was used to deliver several AUVs to the US Navy in record time – just 100 days from order to delivery.

Flexible marketing & training solutions

To support BOT with their own sales process, we adapted one of our promotional videos to replace the English subtitles with Chinese, enabling BOT to reach their target customers with a clear value message. This localised content initiative secured a rise in sales/enquiries of around 200% for BOT.

BOT General Manager, Dr Alan Zhang commented: “Our customers really engaged with the simulation software video. When the dialogue was translated, they could fully understand the value of the simulation tool. It has really opened up the market for us.”

Remote training and online walk-through sessions have also played an important role in securing sustained business in the sector for BOT. Simulation software can be exceptionally difficult to master, due to the complexities of simulation itself. To further support BOT, the UK-based Dynautics team provides regular, live, online training sessions for their customers to familiarise them with the functionality and kick start the design process. The same training also supports BOT’s sales managers in their own conversations with customers and new prospects.

Dynautics AUV Simbox

Dynautics AUV Simbox

Software & hardware support

BOT customers have also recently purchased several AUV Simbox products. The AUV Simbox enhances the functionality of the software only AUV Sim solution by including the hardware elements, in this case the Underwater MicroSPECTRE and interface units. This gives the AUV developer everything they need to create both a virtual and actual environment to test and trial their designs.

AUV Simbox has proved to be an enormously powerful and practical tool. The kit, which contains the simulator software, a SPECTRE autopilot module, RCW front-end Remote Control Workstation (RCW) software, a GENIE analogue and digital interface as well as power supplies and cables, saves time by enabling the testing of the MicroSPECTRE firmware before it is installed in a real prototype.

Dr Zhang explained, “The AUV Simbox has everything our clients need, conveniently packaged in a robust carry case. It has helped our customers to achieve a dramatic reduction in development time, and I can’t emphasize enough how important that is in terms of reaching a successful mission conclusion. Access to water tanks or lakes is expensive, so if the design can be tested and adapted via simulations prior to water trials then that represents a real saving of resources”.

Dynautics firmly believes in the power of logic, precision and scientific integrity to deliver strong commercial results. Our hands-on approach and focus on our clients’ needs first and foremost ensures that we develop fit-for-purpose solutions that meet the demands of our customer, and subsequently their clients. Dynautics is a trusted technology partner to clients across the maritime sector, including offshore energy, mining, oceanography, marine transport and defence and security.

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