CEE HydroSystems Inc released this unique case study demonstrating a successful and efficient survey using their  CEE-USV™, incorporating the CEE-Pilot™. It is a great demonstration of CEE HydroSystems focus on making an elegant solution to aid Surveyors. Their customers demanded simplicity and ease of use and Adrian McDonald (CEE HydroSystems, USV Specialist) challenged both Eye4Software, developer of Hydromagic, and Dynautics, developer of the E-Boat control system, to make the interface and operation as easy as possible. The results were excellent and both clients and users were delighted. Contact CEE HydroSystems for their more information on their CEE-USV™

Read the full Case Study – CEE-USV™ – Ultimate Survey Results

CEE HydroSystems

Hydromagic Image captured using CEE-USV and CEE-Pilot from CEE HydroSystems