Filming the virtual exhibition

On Monday 16th March 2020 we filmed our Virtual Exhibition, we wanted to show the new exhibition stand and focus on four areas of Dynautics technologies for unmanned marine systems. The editing of the video took a couple of days and we are now releasing the Virtual Exhibition.

Our  Exhibition introduces the four key technologies.

  1. Phantom UUV – The modular and customisable Phantom UUV which we designed and manufactured in 100 days.
  2. E-Boat Series – Survey solutions, including the E-Boat series with integration with EIVA, Hydromagic, Hypack and QPS  survey applications (It is also a chance to see HydroSurv Ltd new REAV-16, USV).
  3. Spectre MK4 – the best control system available, which is ideal for defence  and commercial customers to convert vessels from man to unmanned operation. Alternatively it can be designed into a new vessels and we have expertise to help customers in the design process.
  4. Simulation Tools, AUV SIM and USV SIM- we explain the tools we use and are available to our customers to help in the design process of unmanned vessels, either above (USV’s) or below (UUV’s) water .

View the video on our home page,  The Dynautics Unmanned Marine Systems Virtual Exhibitions