Dynautics chosen as the ‘The Brains Behind’ the new HydroSurv™ REAV-16 USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

Dynautics chosen as the ‘The Brains Behind’ the new HydroSurv™ REAV-16 USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle)

USV E-Boat T Spectre control system

Dynautics E-Boat T Control Module in operation on HydroSurv 16 USV

Dynautics Ltd announces the collaboration with the USV designer, builder and operator HydroSurv Unmanned Survey (UK) Ltd. The HydroSurv™ REAV-16, due to be launched in March 2020 will utilise Dynautics’ Spectre E-Boat-T control module.

The REAV-16 is a readily portable autonomous vessel for hydrographic, geophysical and environmental surveys within inland and coastal areas. The vessel features twin steerable Torqeedo electric outboards which provide very precise slow-speed control and excellent endurance from separated 915Wh propulsion batteries. An independent service battery system consists of ‘hot-swappable’ 24vDC batteries to further improve the flexibility and integrity levels of the vehicle.

HydroSurv™ has allocated this REAV-16 to an experimental development project which will validate a specialist payload technology capable of performing combined scour monitoring and above water inspection of wind turbine foundation structures.

David Hull, HydroSurv’s, Managing Director, commented ‘We selected a Dynautics E-Boat-T system because of the ease of integration with commercial-off-the-shelf survey packages, and Dynautics proven experience of integration with Torqeedo’s proprietary control system’.

Dynautics’ CEO, Henry Robinson, commented ‘The commissioning and calibration of the system was efficiently managed over two working days from receipt of the platform to on-water acceptance testing’ and also stated ‘we wanted our customer experience to be as efficient as possible and through this level of team work and integration the end users mission will also benefit. It is another example of Dynautics’ drive to be the brains behind unmanned vessels’



About HydroSurv Unmanned Survey (UK) Limited

HydroSurv™ designs, builds and operates Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) for hydrographic, geophysical and environmental data acquisition within inland, coastal and inshore environments.

HydroSurv™ vertically integrate our own Rapid Environmental Assessment Vessels (REAV) with advanced core technologies, combining the productivity and efficiency of unmanned platforms with effective processing workflows to provide an end-to-end data acquisition, processing and interpretive reporting solution which is economic and low impact.

HydroSurv™ has developed a range of three REAV configurations from 1m to 4m, aimed at varied applications for utilities, ports and harbours, coastal hydrography, marine construction and offshore energy.

About Dynautics

Dynautics’ will be exhibiting a complete range of vessel automation products, that provide the “Brains Behind Unmanned Marine Missions”, at their Dynautics Virtual Exhibition, which starts 17th  March 2020.