Dynautics E-Boat success with Geometius ARC survey boat

Dynautics E-Boat success with Geometius ARC survey boat


Dynautics Ltd, the leader in intelligent marine electronics for unmanned boats, commissioned and launched a new E-Boat electronics package in conjunction with a Geometius survey boat in Amsterdam.

Sander Terwee, of Geometius, who are a leading supplier of survey equipment, commented on the success of the integrations, ‘The integration of the E-boat package with our survey electronics provides us with more opportunities to deliver a more efficient survey solution to our customers. It allows the operators to focus on the quality of data collection and not the boat control’

The Geometius survey vessel was fitted with a Trimble R10 RTK GNSS Receiver and a CEESCOPE LT dual frequency echo sounder.

Dynautics recently launched E-Boat package offers a low-cost solution to automating the navigation of small electrically powered boats such as the ARC boat used by Geometius.

Dr. Henry Robinson, CEO of Dynautics commented, ‘We designed this small, low cost package specifically for this application, it is clear to us that small electrically powered survey boats are increasing, and we offer a simple solution and the fastest time to launch’