Subsurface Vehicles

Subsurface Vehicles 2018-03-09T11:19:10+00:00

Our expertise in the control and communication of sub-surface vehicles allows us to expand the capabilities of your vehicle. Through the simulation process (AUV sim) we can advance the development process and increase the vehicles efficiency. Positioning can be achieved through ultrasound communication and/or dead reckoning.

Our experience in Dynamic positioning solutions allow us to provide you with pin-point station keeping, allowing you to focus on your mission.

The AUV / ROV autopilot is based on the SPECTRE autopilot board and has been installed on submersible vehicles. The system is equally suited taking over any level of control in:

  • A manned submersible, for example an SDV (swimmer delivery vessel), and mini-submarine;
  • Semi-submersible autonomous vehicle with / without physical data link to operator workstation,
  • An ROV with a physical data link to the operator workstation,
  • An autonomous AUV / UUV in contact with a support ship,
  • A completely autonomous AUV / UUV operating ‘fire and forget’ missions. AUV/ROV/UUV autopilot offers heading, speed, track, attitude and depth/height control as well as Dynamic Positioning.

Typical installation: Spectre autopilot, RCW, AUV sim