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We are a trusted technology partner across a wide range of vehicle designers. Engaging in early design discussions provides an opportunity to provide input in an efficient hull and propulsion design. Our simulation (ShipSim) process helps accelerate the development by reducing the design iterations. The simulation process allows us optimise the hull design, and the propulsion type and configuration.

In the situation where the vehicle design is already defined, the simulation process can be used to assess performance and pre-tune the autopilot, prior to ‘wet’ trials, reducing the time to launch.

Payload integration including power management, data logging and communication can be undertaken reliably and rapidly, utilising established technology that has a proven track record.

MAR’s WAM-V 16 Unmanned vessel is an innovative craft which required custom electronics. Through collaboration we rapidly deployed our standard range of electronics modules to provide a reliable control system, including Dynautics collision avoidance system and a deployment system for a Multibeam echosounder (MBES).

Dynautics – designed electronics

  • PMM – Power Management Module
  • SPECTRE 2 – Autopilot
  • Torqeedo twin-engine adapter
  • Data Logger
  • UHF modem interface
  • Iridium Sat communication interface
  • Differential actuator drive
  • Joystick and Joystick Modem

Other electronics integrated

  • Simrad – 4G radar
  • Garmin – GPS
  • AIS – Raymarine
  • Torqeedo – Cruise 2000 – Electric outboard motors.
C A Module